Super Powerful Manifestation Crystal

Super Powerful Manifestation Crystal from Brazil!

What is a Manifestation Crystal? It is literally a crystal inside of another crystal, how crazy is that? This crystal is totally encased by the other. They are very hard to find, and, if you do find one that calls to you, I would suggest purchasing it, as it has a lot to offer the beholder. Manifestation crystals do exactly what they are called, “Manifest.” All crystals can help with manifesting; however, a Manifestation Crystal is also a visual tool to help one focus on your own intentions as you gaze into it. Always keep in mind that Crystals are tools and have the ability to speed up the process. The power of intention is unbelievable!

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 152 grams

Length: 9.5 cm

Height: 3.81 cm

Width: 3.81 cm

You will receive the exact item shown.