Sacred Geometry – Amethyst Set – The Five Platonic Solids (case included)

Sacred Geometry Amethyst Set – The Five Platonic Solids

This set of five elemental Platonic Solids represent the five elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Universe. These geometric shapes are believed to repeat throughout the known Universe, from molecules to large structures and beyond. Together, this Amethyst set can be used for meditation, crystal healing and the pursuit of spiritual development. Expand your consciousness and begin your spiritual journey.

The platonic solids are three dimensional polygons with a sequential relationship to one another called duals or congruency. Congruency occurs when one polygon with its unique shape, size and facets can be transformed into the next polygon by changing it’s placement by flipping or rotating.

Earth, water, fire, air and Universe are thought to describe and symbolize the five states of “matter.”

These Five shapes include & represent:

Tetrahedron (4 triangles) / Fire

Hexahedron (6 faces) / Earth

Octahedron (8 triangles) / Air

Dodecahedron (12 faces) / Universe

Icosahedron (20 triangles) / Water

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 110 grams

Length: 18.4 cm

Width: 4.45 cm

Height: 4.45 cm

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexis, Heart, Third Eye and Crown and Higher Chakras

Zodiac: All