Rosewood / Amber 9mm Round Bead Stretch Wrist Mala

ROSEWOOD / AMBER wrist mala is made in Nepal.

ROSEWOOD is associated to the heart chakra, it has a compassionate and healing feminine energy and brings forth the innate qualities of compassion and love to each individual wearing it. This rosewood wrist mala is finished with a Tibetan snakeknot for good blessings.

AMBER transmutes negative energy into positive energy.  It purifies the body, mind and spirit when worn.  Amber stimulates the intellect and opens the crown chakra.

Made with 9 mm Rosewood Beads.

Approximate weight: 10 grams

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Zodiac: Leo and Aquarius.

You will receive one similar to the item shown in the photo.  I will intuitively select the right one just for you!