Moss Agate / Bloodstone Stone – Single Piece

MOSS AGATE / BLOODSTONE is associated with nature and brings on new beginnings.  Place around plants to stimulate better growth.  The gentle and nurturing energy encourages one to appreciate and enjoy each moment on Earth, and assists Gaia in its healing as well.  Known by some as a “birthing” crystal that can assist midwives in their work.

Please note: Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and design. We intuitively select the stone that is right for you. With each stone purchased, you will receive an information card about what it has to offer you.

Chakra(s): Heart & Crown

Zodiac: Virgo

Size: ~ 0.5″ – 1.25″ / 1.3 cm – 3.2 cm

USD $1.00

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