Himalayan Crystal Salt Angel Lamp – Available for Pick up in Calgary

Available for Pick up in Calgary

Himalayan Crystal Salt Angel Lamp

Did you know that HIMALAYAN SALT is the purest salt on earth.  These deposits, created at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains were formed 250 million years ago in ancient oceans and are untouched by pollution.  Lamps can increase the number of negative ions released into your indoor air helping to cleanse the air you breathe by reducing pollutants such as allergens and irritants and can assist in diluting odors naturally.  They can also help counteract the electronic vibrations and excessive positive ions created by televisions, computers and other electronic devices;  select an area in your home where you spend most of your time to reap the full benefits.  They also have a very calming effect on the environment, which is why many people choose to have them in their bedrooms.

Please note: Each lamp will vary in shape, size and color. We intuitively select one that is right for you.

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