Green Chlorite & Quartz Merkaba

AMAZING Green Chlorite & Quartz Merkaba!

Merkaba translates to light, spirit & body. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting Tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating a 3-dimensional energy field. The Merkaba field is said to be extremely complex.

QUARTZ is also known as the “Master Healer” crystal as it aids in overall healing.  It is highly programmable and amplifies the energy of all other crystals when placed next to them. When combined with Green Chlorite it is believed to amplify the healing energies even more so.

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 1176 grams

Length: 8.89 cm

Width: 8.89 cm

Height: 8.89 cm

Chakra(s): All

Zodiac: Sagittarius

You will receive the exact item shown.