For the Cat Lover – Chromite Kitty Carving

This photo does not do this carving justice!  It’s so cute, I debated on keeping it for myself and then decided I would let the Universe decide.

Chromite Kitty Carving – All Curled Up, Taking a Nap!

CHROMITE is an iron, chromium oxide mix. Colours range from black to brown, with a metallic sheen. Chromite is a stone of protection, and has a very grounding energy to it that connects with the Root Chakra; in turn grounding the emotions, so one is not so reactive to situations that may arise.

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 63 grams

Length: 4.45 cm

Width: 4.45 cm

Height: 4.45 cm

Chakra(s): Root

Zodiac: Gemini

You will receive the exact item shown.