Angel Phantom Quartz or Amphibole (Brazil)

Step into a whole new and loving World with Angelic Energy from Angel Phantom Quartz!
ANGEL PHANTOM QUARTZ is not only extremely beautiful to look at, it has so much to offer; one can get lost just looking into this crystal, perhaps there is a whole new full of love right inside of it that you can tap in to. The inclusions contain Red Hematite, Yellow Limonite, Pink Lithium and White Kaolinite; with this combination, you will feel a sense of calmness, perhaps feeling the energy of your Guardian Angel reminding you of how much you are loved.  Other powerful energies are said to help with depression, anxiety, self-worth, love and empathy for others.
Approximate Weight & Measurements:
Weight: 73 grams
Length: 7.62 cm
Height: 3.18 cm
Width: 3.18 cm
You will receive the exact item shown.