Genuine Ammolite Pendant – Alberta’s Official Gemstone!

Alberta’s Official Gemstone!

This piece has a gorgeous array of shimmering colors!

Ammolites are a rare opal-like organic gemstone found primarily in Southern Alberta, Canada. Ammolites are formed from the fossils of ancient sea creatures called ammonites that became extinct approximately 65 million years ago at the close of the Cretaceous Era. The ammolite patterns are formed by the tectonic crushing and compaction of many ammonite shells over millions of years.

Each ammolite gem is unique in colour, brilliance and pattern. All of these qualities combined, give ammolite its dramatic look. In most ammolite gems, the colour will vary or change as the gem is rotated. The shifting movement of the dancing colours will entrance, soothe, relax and fascinate the beholder.

It is believed that ammolite holds “Universal Knowledge”; therefore, granting wisdom, good fortune, prosperity and abundance to the wearer.

Ammolite was declared a gemstone in 1981, and the only organic gemstone to receive precious gem status.

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