Amethyst Stone – Single Piece

AMETHYST is a crystal of spirituality and can assist one in getting in touch with your own intuitions. It is a highly protective crystal and actually repels more than it attracts.  For those in the Corporate World, it will help calm the overwhelmed with the stress of being over-worked.  Placing a piece beside your bed or under your pillow at night will help to reduce nightmares.

Please note: Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and design. We intuitively select the stone that is right for you. With each stone purchased, you will receive an information card about what it has to offer you.

Chakra(s): Third Eye & Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius & Pisces

Size: ~ 0.5″ – 1″ / 1.3 cm – 2.5 cm

USD $1.99

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