Amazing Shungite Sphere 50mm – Stand Sold Separately

Amazing Shungite Sphere!

SHUNGITE has the ability of conducting electromagnetic and geothermal energy, and yet absorbs and shields the body from electromagnetic emissions such as those caused by computers, microwaves, Wi-Fi and the like.  It can also absorb negative energy and remove it from a person or even an entire space.  Shungite also has the ability to clean water!  It’s AMAZING!

A Sphere has no beginning and no end, and represents all-encompassing unity and equality. It also radiates energy equally in all directions. It symbolises complete acceptance and represents both the microcosm and the wider cosmos.

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 165 grams

Length: 5 cm

Width: 5 cm

Height: 5 cm

Chakra(s): Root

Zodiac: Cancer & Capricorn

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