Eight (8) Auspicious Symbols Tingshas

EIGHT (8) AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS TINGSHAS have been used for centuries for religious ceremonies and rituals in the Himalayan regions; however, today, they are used along with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, music, sound healing and space clearing. Tingsha tones awaken awareness and stimulate the healing process.  Tingshas are composed of two handmade bell cymbals; when sounded they emit a crystal pure bell tone.

It is believed, the 8 symbols represent offerings the gods made to Buddha after his enlightenment.  It is believed that each of these symbols have various powers to bring blessings.  These symbols to this day are used in homes, artwork and wherever else possible.
Handmade in Nepal.

Approximate Weight & Measurements:

Weight: 210 grams

Length: 6.98 cm

Width: 6.98 cm

Height: 2 cm

You will receive the exact item shown.